The BAP BULLET MINIBUS makes the school run between Barnes and Putney more direct, cost effective, easy and safe as well as a lot more fun for both the children and any accompanying parents.  


  • a direct bus route where none exists,

  • no parking stresses,

  • no parking meters,

  • much safer environment for children travelling on their own than a public bus,

  • the opportunity for both children and parents to mix across multiple schools

  • the Barnes and Putney parent and children community all in a bus together

The BAP BULLET BUS will also do its bit for the environment by removing cars from our roads, as well as reclaim some of the energy we currently spend on school runs on other, more wonderful things...

Please note that this is a not for profit community initiative on the part of parents, independent of any schools: costs of the bus are shared by parents. 


More than 150 Barnes children attend school in Putney schools every day (Putney High, Prospect House, Hurlingham School, Merlin), and at least another 100 Putney children attend schools in Barnes (St Pauls, Harrodian, Colet Court).  

As things stand, there is no easy way to do these school trips. We only have the options of impractical public busses or considerable chunks of time shipping our children to and from schools in our cars 10..20..30 times a week. This creates increasingly clogged traffic between Barnes and Putney, which we then get stuck into, and then we get into trouble with the schools for trying to park like Frenchmen all the time.

So, Barnes and Putney parents have launched a school minibus between Barnes and Putney, the BAP BULLET MINIBUS!